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Monad Shoal

Distance: 45 min.            Min. Certification: Advanced             
Min. Depth: 12 meters   Max. Depth: 30 meters                Recommendation: Nitrox

Description:The top of the shoal ranges from 12 meters to 15 meters, with a drop-off exceeding recreational diving depths. The famous Thresher Sharks can be seen year round at this site. ThresherSharks are regular visitors to the many cleaning stations found on the reef. Depending on the season you may also encounter Whitetip Reef Sharks, Devil Rays and Giant Manta Rays. Other regular visitors to the cleaning stations include Lionfish,Sweetlips, Octopus and Batfish. We follow strict diving rules at Monad, to minimize the impact of divers and to increase the chance of a shark encounter. Please adhere to all rules explanied by your divemaster during the briefing.


 Kimud Shoal          

Distance: 60 minutes     Min Certification: Advanced
Min. Depth: 12 meters  Max. Depth: 30-40 meters

It's a seamount situated near the island of Leyte. The top of the mount is covered in soft flower corals, barrel sponges, and small outcrops of hard coral. The starts at about 10 meters with one side gradually sloping down to 29 meters before becoming a severe drop off and the other side creating a stunning wall. Both sides are encrusted with an array of soft corals and sea fans. Yellowfin Tuna and Unicorn fish thrive in the rich waters and also Thresher Shark have been spotted there. During the months of January - May you can also see Hammerhead Sharks at this divesite. As they are usually deeper than 30 meter, this divesite is only suitable for experienced divers.

Nunez Shoal

Distance: 120 min.             Min. Certification: Open Water
Min. Depth: 12 meters      Max. Depths: 30-40 meters

Situated close  to Kalanggaman island, this wall dive offers a little bit of everything. Hard corals and barral sponges cover the gently sloping top of the reef creating an ideal environment for sea stars, frogfish, nudibranches and reef fish to hide within. The walls drop down to a plateau in 40 meters, with further drop to well below recreational diving limits. Encrusted with sea fans, soft corals and sponges an array of reef fish and Moray Eels can be seen and you never know what you will see when you look into the blue. . The topography of this dive sites makes it suitable for all levels of divers.

Kalanggaman Island

Distance: 120 min.           Min. Certification: Open Water
Min. Depth: 12 meters    Max. Depth: 30-40 meters

Kalanggaman Island is a small remote white-beached paradise. The top of the shoal lies in 12 meters and is covered in giant barrel sponges and sea fans. The southern section offers sloping reef walls covered with soft and hard corals, hiding within are lionfish, moray eels, nudibranch and scorpion fish. The northern section offers spectacular wall dives encrusted with gorgonian fans and giant barrel sponges. Schools of snappers, fusiliers and anthias can be seen congregating off the large drop offs. The deep walls offer every possible chance to encounter large sharks and rays. A good day trip for all levels of divers. 


Gato Island

Distance: 45 min.           Min. Certification: Open Water
Min. Depth: 12 meters  Max. Depth: 25 meters

Gato island is a recognized Banded Sea Krait (snake) breading ground, so an encounter with one of these stripy snakes is highly possible. Whit a resident population of WhitetipReef Sharks seen sleeping under the overhangs, it is almost guaranteed that you will have a shark encounter. Brightly coloured soft corals cover this undulating divesite sheltering frog fishes, sea horses and nudibranches. The sloping walls house cuttle fishes, squids and you are also likely to encounter a school of Bogmouth Makreel.  Advanced divers can dive the tunnel that runs beneath the island; a unique overhead environment, the inside is covered with daisy soft corals and sponges where lobsters, crabs, cleaner schrimps and octopus can be found. With it's great diversity of marine life Gato is also called the Disneyland for divers. It's suitable for all levels of divers.

Dona Marilyn

Distance: 120 min.            Min. Certification: Advanced
Min. Depth: 19 meters     Max. Depth: 32 meters              Recommendation: Nitrox

"Dona Marilyn" is a Filipino passenger ferry that sank on the 23rd of October 1988 in typhoon Rudy. The 98 meter long ferry is still intact and laying on her starboard side in 32 meters of water, creating a unique artificial reef. Beneath the bow and stern you can find Marble Rays and large Whitetip Reef Sharks sleeping. Cuttlefish can also be seen lurking around. The wreck itself is covered in hard, soft and black corals. Other fish life includes Scorpion fish, Puffers, Batfish, Sweetlips and various nudibranches. For certified, "wreck divers" it is possible to penetrate the passenger walkways on the port side of the wreck and those interested in completing their wreck specialy course are able to explore the hull and lower decks. As it's quite deep and there also can be currents Dona Marilyn is only suitable for experienced divers.

Lapus Lapus

Distance: 20 min.               Min. Certification: Open Water
Min. Depth: 15 meters      Max. Depth: 23 meters

Situated off the northern tip of Malapascua this dive site offers a little bit of everything. A luscious soft coral garden thrives here, creating an ideal home for an array of different marine life. A small coral encrusted wall starts at 15 meters and drops down to 24 meters creating shelter for many varieties of nudibranchs, flatworms and Lionfishes. The sloping reef at the top of the wall is home for sea anemones, gorgonian sea fans and giant elephant ears that sometimes harbour Frogfish. Lapus Lapus is a good dive site for beginner and experienced divers.

Evo Reef

Distance: 20 min.               Min. Certification: Open water
Min. Depth: 12 meters      Max. Depth: 16 meters

This site is the best site for muck diving around the island and a constant favorite amongst divers for making a nightdive. Bobtail Squid and Coconut Vein Octopus are regulars and we can find seahorses on most dives. Several objects are placed to attract the marine life including a banca outrigger boat                                                                     


Distance: 20 min.              Min. Certification: Advanced
Min. Depth: 5 meters       Max. Depth: 10 meters

At  sunset you almost certainly see the colorful Mandarinfish performing their mating dance. The most prolific time of the month is around full moon, but the activity can bee seen virtually every night. The first 20 minutes of the dive are spent observing the Mandarinfish; Then it is time to move on and explore the rest of the reef. Sea horses in different shapes, colors and sizes are a common occurrence amongst the hard coral branches as are Dwarf Cuttlefish, Blueringed Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish and a wide array of crabs of  different shapes and sizes. Lighthouse is a nice dive site and a great dive for first time night divers. 


Dakit - Dakit

Distance: 10 min.             Min. Certification: Open water
Min. Depth: 5 meters      Max. Depth: 12 meters

This dive site is created by a scattering of small islands formations, some below the surface some above. The site is prone to strong currents, creating a beautiful soft coral garden. Nudibranches heaven is what this site if often refeered as. It is also possible to see many different flatworms, pipefish and sea horses hiding within the soft corals. Sardines and Baitfish can be seen schooling within the small islands, and Moray Eels hide within the overhangs and crevasse. This is an ideal dive for all levels of divers especially those who need to refresh their diving skills. 

Chocolate Island

Distance: 30 min.               Min. Certification: Open water
Min. Depth: 12 meters      Max. Depth: 17 meters

A small island located between Malapascua and Cebu. This site is usually a very easy dive. The island walls gently slope down towards a sandy bottom, elephant ears, barrel sponges, sea fans and soft corals cover the reef creating an ideal habitat for nudibranch, Sea Horses, Spanish Dancers and different kinds of Frogfish incl. Hairy Frogfish. Chocolate Island is a great dive site for divers of all levels.

Ka Osting

Distance: 10 min.              Min. Certification: Open water
Min. Depth: 5 meters       Max. Depth: 12 meters

A small soft and hard coral reef with a mini wall of only one meter. This site is an interesting dive that offers a little bit of everything. The small reef is home to a veriety of marine life including nudibranches, Flatworms, Pipefish, Octopus and Cuttle Fish. The mooring sits away from the reef in a sandy area with outcrops of hard corals, sea fans and barrel sponges. This area is worth spending some time as you can find some weird and wonderful critters hiding amongst the coral bommies and buried in the sand.  A good dive site for students and those who have been dry for a while. 



Destance: 15 min.              Min. Certification: Open water
Min. Depth: 5 meters        Max. Depth: 12 meters

A muck dive without the muck is the best way to describe this shallow dive site. A small reef with pristine soft corals hiding an array of marine life including Pegasus Sea Moths, Cuttle Fish, Scorpion Fish, nudibranches and Lion Fish, Time spent in the sand is not wasted at this site as many different varieties of Gobies, Wasp Fish, Razor Fish and Pipefish can be found for those who have a good eye. A great check dive site for those who have been out of the water for a while. 

Deep Rock

Distance: 20 min.               Min. Certification: Advanced
Min. Depth: 15 meters      Max. Depth: 30 meters                   Recommendation: Nitrox

The flat top of this underwater pinnacle lies in 15 meters. Resembling an upside down cup, the sheer walls drop down to 30 meters where the sandy bottom hides an array of weird marine life, including cuttlefish, nudibranch, Pipefish and giant sea stars. The reef walls are covered in stunning soft corals, sea fans and house a wide variety of macro life from nudibranches to flatworms and frogfrish to pipefish. The depth of this  site makes it only suitable for the more experienced divers. 

North Wall

Distance: 20 min.              Min. Certification: Open water
Min. Depth: 12 meter       Max. Depth: 25 meters

An awesome site with sloping reef in 12 meters, joining a mini wall to 20 meters reaching to a sea fan garden tapering down to 30 meters. The mooring is set within the middle of the reef creating two distinct dive sites. Soft corals, sea fans and sponges cover the entire site. schools of anthias, butterfly fish and damsels can be found living within the soft corals and hiding in the large crevasse found below the mooring. Nudibranches, frogfish and pipefish can be seen throughout the intire site and harlequin shrimp can be found here to. North Wall is a good dive site for all levels of divers. 


Distance: 15 min.              Min. Certification: Open water
Min. Depth: 15 meters     Max. Depth: 22 meters

An underwater pinnacle situated at the northern end of the island. The flat top starts at 15 meters as a hard and soft coral encrusted plateau and gently slopes down to a 22 meter sandy area. The sheer  sides create a beautiful wall dive; pristine soft corals and sea fans cover the entire wall and house a wide veriety of macro life from pygmy sea horses and frogfish to colorful nudibranches. Reef fish such as fusiliersand anthias find shelter around the wall from the sometimes strong currents. This is a beautiful and interesting dive site suitable for all levels of divers.


Deep Slope

Distance: 15 min.              Min. Certification: Open water
Min. Depth: 15 meters     Max. Depth: 23 meters                       Recommendation: Nitrox

Description: An interesting reef that is seperated by a unique underwater "sandy bay"  where Spotted Garden Eels can be found. The first half of the reef is where you look for the Pygmee Seahorse living in a fan on the rubble.  After the sand dune the soft corals come to life. The mini wall is covered in colourful corals, sea fans and sponges and a wide variety of marine life including Frog Fish, Scorpion Fish, Morays and an abundance of brightly coloured reef fish is hiding there. Deep Slope is sometimes quite busy as it's suitable for divers of all levels.

Secret Wall

Distance: 15 min.             Min. Certification: Open water
Min. Depth: 15 meters     Max. Depth: 23 meters

Description: A fantastic dive for beginners or photographers who wants to shelter from any currents. Spend your time admiring the long whip corals and seeing if they are home to a tiny Goby, or look under some coral heads to see if the common juvenile box fish is fluttering around there. Also pygmee seahorses are spotted on this site.

Capitan Sillo

Distance: 120 min.             Min. Certification: Open water
Min. Depth: 15 meters     Max. Depth: 30 meters

Description: Situated close to Bogo City on the mainland, this wall dive offers nice hard corals and barrel sponges covers the gently sloping top of the reef creating an ideal environment for sea stars,  nudibranches and small reef fish to hide within. The walls drop down to a plateau of 40 meter with a further drop to well below recreational limits. It's a very nice daytrip where you can have a BBQ on the small island while having a surface break before your second dive.