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Diving Courses


SSI Courses from Beginner up to Instructor

Instructor Training ITC on request!
Crossover on request! 

Little Mermaid Dive Resort offers a full range of diving courses from beginner to professional level. Under the guidance of our enthusiastic and experienced instructors we can make your course tailor made as we like to work in small groups, in many cases one on one.  We prefer to teach with SSI materials, but on request also have PADI material available. Our team of male and female instructors consists of an international party so at least we can teach in German, Dutch, English and Filipino language.

During any of our diving courses we can offer FREE ACCOMODATION in our dormitory. For details concerned this offer please get in touch.

SSI Diving Courses

Scuba Diver 2 days Php 14.500
Open Water Diver 3 days Php 17.500
Advanced (Adventurer) 2 days Php 14.500
Stress & Rescue Php 14.500
React Right (First aid) Php 8.500
Stress & Rescue + React Right  Php 20.000
Divemaster 4 weeks intern Php 65.000
Ass. Instructor 1 week Php 30.000                Divemaster + Ass. Instructor Php 90.000

Specialty diving SSI

Nitrox incl. 1 dive Php 8.500                                      Nitrox Dry course (no diving) Php 7.000              Deep Diving 3 dives Php 10.000                             Night Diving 2 dives Php 7.000                              Wreck Diving 2 dives Php 7.500                            Digital u/w photography 2 dives Php 7.000        Search and Recovery 2 dives Php 7.000            Perfect Buoyancy 2 dives Php 7.000                            02 provider (dry course) Php 7.000





     PADI Diving Courses

     Scuba Diver 2 days Php 16.500
     Open Water Diver 3 days Php 19.500
     Advanced  2 days Php 16.500
     Rescue Diver Php 16.500
     EFR (First aid) Php 9.000
     Rescue Diver + EFR  Php 22.500
     Divemaster 4 weeks intern Php 75.000

     Specialty diving PADI

Nitrox incl. 1 dive Php 9.500                                         Nitrox Dry course (no diving) PHP 8.000                     Deep Diving 4 dives PHP 12.000                                   Night Diving 3 dives PHP 8.500                                     Wreck Diving 4 dives PHP 13.000                                  Digital u/w photography 2 dives Php 7.500 
Search and Recovery 4 dives Php 12.000                Peak Performance Buoyance 2 dives Php 7.500      02 provider (dry course) Php 7.500

      Diving experience

Try Scuba Dive (intro dive 1/2 day) Php 3.500            Scuba refresh Php 3.000
Adventure dives Php 3.000


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